Buy Instagram Followers The Right Way

Comprar Seguidores Instagram Reais

Comprar Seguidores Instagram ReaisThe number of followers is always a measure of success.

Influencers like Chany Dakota and, of course, companies using social media for their own purposes know that.

But how do you get the numbers that will make you and your company accept?

You can increase the number of your Instagram followers in a certain way – with a strategy, intelligent goals, great content and exemplary interaction with your target audience.

You can also write briefly and painlessly on the dark side of Instagram marketing.

Of course you can also buy Instagram followers.

We’ve made a mock contact to test this tactic for yourself and find out if it’s worth it.

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Why buy Instagram followers?

As you’ll hear, brands, celebrities, influencers and soar should have polished up social media stats with false followers.

Why do they do that?

It’s always about the perception. Many people look at the number of followers when considering whether to have a particular account. This value is a common measure that you can use to gauge the success of your Instagram activity.

Have you ever imitated buying Instagram followers? Then there are many reasons why you should quickly win 1,000 followers to get the stone rolling. And you may agree that these fake followers also make you feel satisfied with your brand. It’s fine to opt for quality rather than quality – but many people have an Instagram account right after the following number of followers.

Make it easy and inexpensive to buy Instagram followers, as you’ll soon find out. Take a look: comprar seguidores reais instagram.
How to buy Instagram followers

First and foremost, we should note that there is a fundamental difference between explicitly buying followers and the more loosely defined practice of Instagram automation.

For example, Instagram automation is when a bot licks and posts comments on your behalf. If you want to know more about this rather unwise method, read our Post Instagram Bots in Self-Test (leave that aside).

Again, buying followers on Instagram is clear: you link your account to a service, pay for it, and watch your followers increase.

That does not have to be too expensive. Many of the services mentioned charge about $ 3 for 100 new followers.

On the other hand, you get exactly what you paid for – and in most cases they are bots and “zombie accounts” (ie non-active accounts that have been taken over by bots).

There are also more costly alternatives that range from $ 1,000 upwards to 10,000 followers. These services maintain active accounts that interact with your account.

Some tools will follow other users on your behalf – in the hope that they will return the favor.

When ordering you will be asked which type of accounts you want to follow. Here, criteria such as location, hashtag usage, similar accounts and gender are queried.

After a predetermined time, the bot automatically “unsubscribes” those users who did not follow you.

At least theoretically … The Instagram Follower tool we tried, but did not do any of these tasks. Our sham never followed another account, either a bot or a real user.

That happened when we decided to buy Instagram followers

We chose a tool that promised us 1,000 “high-quality” followers for only $ 9.95.

To link to our account, we just had to enter our username @ fruitless.strategy and pay with a prepaid Visa card. (Nobody in our office wanted to release his bank details for such a nefarious purpose.)

Then, on a Tuesday at 11:41, we clicked on the “Get Followers Now” button and opened the Instagram app to see what happens.

The number of followers grew almost immediately from zero to twelve. Each time we updated the app afterwards, a few new followers were added.

Two hours after the start of the experiment, we already had 412 new fans. At that point, we decided to post a photo because we wanted to see how committed our followers were.

The result was exactly what we expected: nothing. Neither a like nor a comment.

At noon the following day, we had over 1,000 followers, but still no interaction. Even months later, no follower tapped us twice.

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