Tension Headache: Understanding Of The Most Common Headache


Tension headache is a common form of a headache that is suffered by almost everyone. The headache occurs in the head, around the neck, and behind the eyes. It is believed that tension headache usually starts during the teen period, and reaches its peak during the 20-50 years of a human life. Women are more likely to suffer compared to men. Statistically, people who suffer from tension headache have intermittent pain that lasts for few minutes or hours, once or twice per month. However, there are cases of people suffering for 15 days or more per month. The headaches vary from mild, moderate, to acute aches.

What causes tension headache?

As mentioned previously, tension headache mainly arises in the head, around the neck, and behind the eyes. One of the principal reasons for occurring is the contraction of muscles in the head. Apart from this, there are other factors as well. They are:

  • Looking at a computer screen for long
  • Cold temperature
  • Change of season
  • Dry eyes
  • Tiredness
  • Mental stress
  • Sinus attack
  • Fever
  • Alcohol
  • Bad sitting posture
  • Smoking
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Missing out on meals

The symptoms

Sometimes many people confuse their tension headache with migraine. Migraine is also another form of headache, but the severity is more in migraine than in tension headache. Understanding the symptoms of tension headache is fairly uncomplicated. There are dull aches on the head, plenty of pressure can be felt around the forehead, and throbbing around the forehead and scalp. At times, the tenderness of the head muscles can be felt, while the pain can spread all over the head, at the back of the neck, and all the way to the shoulders. Except for all these symptoms, a tension headache does not take a severe form, but in rarest cases, a patient may get sensitive to light or sound.

Tension headache vs Migraine

In order to differentiate between a tension headache and migraine, always consider migraine to be the serious one. In migraine, the throbbing pain is extremely intense and occurs at either one side of the head, or on the both sides, and cause nausea and vomiting. A migraine patient becomes exceedingly sensitive to light and sound. Considering these, a person with tension headache will not face nausea or vomiting. In the rarest cases, sensitivity to light and sound may crop up.


If a person is consistently suffering from tension headache to an intense level, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s help. The doctor will provide a list of tests just to assure that nothing serious is happening to the patient. The tests will include X-Ray, MRI, as well as CT Scan.


Usually over-the-counter (OTC) medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen (Tylenol) work, but if the case is serious, the doctor will subscribe prescription medicines. Prescription drugs are muscle relaxants, antidepressants, antiseizure drugs or beta-blockers, depending on the situation. If a patient prefers OTC medicines, they have to make sure never to overdose the drugs, and it is always important to seek the doctor’s advise in case the medicines react with the patient’s health condition.

Home remedies to relieve tension headache

There are home remedies to relieve tension headaches. If a patient wishes not to consume any sort of medications, they can try out some home cure. The list contains:

  • Put an ice pack on the forehead for five to ten minutes.
  • Improve sitting on a good posture.
  • Take a hot shower to unwind the tensed muscle.
  • Take occasional breaks from working on a computer.
  • Do the proper exercise.
  • Have meditation.
  • Manage stress.
  • Get a whole body massage
  • Scalp massage- it will help in the circulation of blood in the head, relaxing the muscles.
  • Take supplements

Apart from trying any of the above tips, keeping track on the headache, and later trying to prevent it may come very handy in decreasing the pain eventually. In order to keep track, a journal is the best way possible. Also, a regular diet with proper meals, drinking plenty of water, being less stressed, and using computer with occasional breaks can ease out the headache. Or, inhaling few drops of essential oil, such as lavender or peppermint, can relax the muscles and help reduce the headache.

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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle Today


Nowadays many people are stuck with the idea of getting the perfect slim body, often so influenced by media and magazines. The thing is there is not such a thing as the perfect weight and you do not have to look like a supermodel in order to feel good about yourself. The key in maintaining a balanced lifestyle is to do some little healthy changes daily in order to start seeing improvement in your health, appearance, activity and energy. Here are five key reasons why you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle today:

1. You will live longer

The truth is that by eating healthy and nutritional food and taking care of your body you will add up to your overall health and well-being. That will increase your life expectancy simply because your immune system will get better, you will suffer far less from diseases and colds and you will have much more energy to do the things you love.

A healthy way of living will give you a better quality lifestyle with increased confidence and excitement about being part of this world. Exercising can reduce stress and anxiety that comes from different areas of your life and make you aware that you need to focus more on your own health and body. With better life expectancy you will have a greater appearance, glowing skin and hair and you will look fitter and firmer.

2. You will look happier

By reducing stress and anxiety, your mood will improve and you will have much more happiness and excitement in your life. Being healthy from inside and looking amazing from outside will definitely increase your emotional state and you will start seeing things from the brighter side. Feeling great about yourself from inside and outside is the key to living a more abundant, happy and confident life.

Healthy food, exercising, meditation, yoga are all incredible things you can include in your day to day life in order to start seeing results in your attitude towards the outside world and bring more optimism and positive vibes around yourself. These are only a few things that can make you happier as part of a balanced lifestyle-you might want to practise a different kind of sport and create other healthy habits such as going to bed earlier, drinking herbal tea, reducing fat and caffeine, eating more green vegetables, etc. The list here is endless and it is up to you what kind of habits you want to create in order to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

3. You will become more confident

When you start feeling good about your body, you become a much more confident person every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Maintaining a healthy and fit body can really boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you look good outside, you start feeling amazing inside too and that can be seen in all different areas of your life-at home, at your workplace and when you are out with friends. It is simply a great way of feeling confident and amazing at the same time about yourself.

4. You will inspire other people and become a role model

When you start feeling great about yourself and your body there is no way you cannot motivate other people around you to do the same. Your friends and your family will start seeking advice and ask you how you have succeeded in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you are so full of life, excitement and confidence, other people will be seeing you as their role model and will be inspired to take care of themselves too. Each time you are going to the gym or including a healthy snack in your diet you are giving an example and encouraging others to do the same.

We all need to consider our actions in terms of what food we eat and how often we exercise as this has a huge influence on the younger generation-kids, nephews, nieces and cousins. What a greater way to be good role models for the younger ones when we could teach them more about nutritional food, health and sport?

5. You will look younger

Here comes the best part of embracing a healthy lifestyle-you will look and feel much younger! You will be full of energy because nutritional diet, enough exercise and sleep are the key ingredients in maintaining a balanced life. Eliminating junk food from your plate can have a huge influence on how your skin and hair look like. The truth is cutting out on bad food can clear your skin, reduce blemishes and spots and deliver a smoother and shinier skin.

That’s why-you need to have daily healthy habits if you want to maintain a fit body, have younger appearance, softer and shinier hair and glowing skin!

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13 Important Life Lessons I Learnt In My 30s That I’d Like You To Know Earlier In Your 20s


Have you ever looked back upon your younger self and thought “if only I could have told them what I know now?” Of course without learning we would never get to where we are now, so going through the process is inevitable. The silver lining however is that we can always pass our wisdom onto others in the hope that what we know might help somebody else down their path of self discovery. Some things from your 30-something self, to your 20-something self:

1. Don’t go for your dream till you’ve got enough money, you’ll never start

Patience is a virtue. If you can think sensibly and wait until you are truly ready to go after your dream, the chance of it coming true multiplies. It doesn’t mean you won’t do it. It just means you have to do it right. Hold your horses. Know when to walk and when to run.

2. Don’t care too much about what others think

Easier said than done, but there are certainly ways you can get better at this if you are conscious of it. Focus on the goal, not what others will think of it, or who is looking at you while you get the job done. It will be a far less anxious, and a far more rewarding journey.

3. Don’t place too much importance on what you look like

Appearance is so much less important than you think. Worrying about it is attached to all the things you will keep close to you – the best friends will be the ones who care only about what kind of person you are inside.

4. Don’t beat yourself up too much

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trust that you are the great person you believe you are. Don’t doubt that, even when bad things happen. It’s the best thing you can do to support yourself. Otherwise when you get to thirty you’ll be worse for wear than you need to be.

5. Do learn everything you can. This never stops.

As long as we are living we are learning! This is the greatest part of consciousness. Surround yourself with greatness; great people, great opportunities. Make your learning experience the best it can be.

6. You’re going to make mistakes.

If you make a mistake, move on. It happens. We can try our hardest, but we are all human, and when we do let the team down we can only be sorry and learn. Don’t dwell on it too much. Take it as a lesson for a future place where you will succeed.

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

“If you focus too hard on the lost skateboard, you won’t see the Rolls Royce parking right in front of you.” – Girlosophy

8. Don’t worry too much about the future.

The future is happening regardless. Don’t worry about aging, or dying, or losing, or even winning too much. What will be will be.

9. Do enjoy your youth, and being that age.

Enjoy being exactly where you are at. Look around. Focus on everything that is happening right now. It will never be just like this again. Learn to treasure that.

10. Don’t think you know everything.

Never think this, no matter what age. There are always things you don’t know, and when you understand this, you keep learning wonderful things from everything you come into contact with.

11. Do hold onto the things you care about.

You get to choose what you treasure. If you come into contact with a good thing — hold onto it. They don’t come along all that often.

12. Do put your family first.

Family are for life! Nurture those relationships and keep those bonds strong. They will be your greatest allies in life.

13. Do work hard at what you want.

By the time you’re 30 you’ll most likely have it.

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10 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lice

get rid of lice

Discovering that you or your loved ones have lice can be a nightmare. When these tiny parasites take residence, they feed on your blood and most annoying, make your head unbearably itchy!

Worst of all, they reproduce like crazy and spread like wildfire. To get rid of lice for good, you must get the situation under control quickly. But don’t rush out and start dosing yourself with strong chemical concoctions just yet!

Armed with these 10 home remedies and a lice comb, you can easily get rid of lice naturally. It’s likely you already have many of these ingredients at home—some of which may surprise you!

1. Garlic


Garlic’s intense smell can literally suffocate these pesky rice. Here’s how to do it:

  • Grind up 8–10 cloves of garlic into a paste and mix with 3 TBS of lime juice
  • Work this foul smelling mixture through your hair and leave for 30 mins
  • Rinse thoroughly and repeat twice per week

2. Baby Oil


Baby oil is another natural treatment that can help drown out those pesky head lice.

  • Apply baby oil to hair and comb through to remove the majority
  • Wash your hair with a (very) mild soap detergent
  • Run white vinegar through your hair, cover with shower cap and leave overnight

This de-licing method can be repeated as much as 4–5 days per week if you need to!

3. Olive Oil


Olive Oil isn’t just great for cooking; it’s great for choking head lice!

  • Apply olive oil (virgin or otherwise) generously to your head before sleeping
  • Cover with a towel or shower cap whilst you sleep
  • Comb hair thoroughly in the morning and wash out with tea tree oil shampoo

This treatment can be highly effective at just 1–2 times per week!

4. Salt


Salt can be another deadly weapon for your lice kicking arsenal.

  • Great a 1:1 mixture of salt and vinegar
  • Moderately wet your hair using the solution
  • Wear a shower cap for 2–3 hours and wash your hair as normal

Repeating this process every 3 days will yield great results.

5. Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum jelly has an amazing variety of uses, including lice termination!

  • Liberally apply petroleum jelly to your hair before going to sleep
  • Wrap your head with a towel or shower cap overnight
  • Use baby oil to help shift the jelly from your hair
  • Comb through to shift the lice

Performing this routine 3 nights in a row for maximum effect.

6. Tree Tea Oil


Tea tree oil can be used as a homeopathic remedy for dozens of health applications. As a powerful natural insecticide, the head lice won’t know what hit them!

  • Take 1 TPS of tea tree oil, mix with 1oz shampoo and 3 TPS coconut/olive oil
  • Work the mixture into your hair and cover with cap for up to 1 hour
  • Rinse your hair using hot water then comb through to remove lice

This may be repeated daily, but don’t apply tea tree oil directly to your head!

7. Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is a healthy cooking oil, works wonders for your skin and hair and stops lice outbreaks dead in their tracks.

  • Wash your hair using diluted apple cider vinegar
  • Once your hair has dried, fully coat the scalp and hair with coconut oil
  • Wear a shower cap or towel overnight
  • Comb your hair thoroughly in the morning and wash as normal

Performing this routine every night for a week should do the trick. However, adding anise oil to the coconut oil will boost the lice kicking power!

8. White Vinegar


White vinegar, otherwise known as acetic acid, is easily available, inexpensive and a potent lice killer!

  • Mix white vinegar and water at an equal 1:1 ratio
  • Fully wet your hair and scalp with the acidic solution
  • Cover your head with a towel or cap for up to 2 hours
  • Comb through your hair thoroughly, dipping your comb in white vinegar
  • Shampoo as normal

This lice armageddon can be repeated a couple of times in a row for maximum effect.

9. Sesame Seed Oil


Sesame feed is naturally antifungal, antibacterial and a potent insecticide. It’s a formidable weapon in the war against lice.

  • Mix 1/4 cup of sesame seed oil, 1/8 cup neem oil, 1 TPS tea tree, 1/2 TPS rosemary and eucalyptus oil and 1 TPS lavender oil
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with apple cider vinegar and dry
  • Liberally apply the oil solution to your head and hair
  • Cover with a towel or shower cap overnight
  • Comb thoroughly to remove dead lice and wash as normal

Apply this lice-choking essential oil solution daily for one week to win the war!

10. Mayonnaise


Yes, you read this one correctly. The popular condiment Mayonnaise can drown out the lice population within a week!

  • Thoroughly coat your scalp and hair with full-fat mayonnaise
  • Using a shower cap or towel, cover your head and leave overnight
  • Shampoo as normal and comb out the dead lice in the morning

If you’re in a pinch, repeating this cycle daily for one week could be a life-saver!

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