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Reddit launches image uploads, ditching alliance with Imgur

reddit-gold Reddit never let you upload images, until now. That could dismantle Reddit’s informal alliance with image-sharing community Imgur. That’s where Redditors would typically post their images or GIFs and then share the links on Reddit. The image uploading feature begins rolling out today with 50 Reddit communities, including Art, Aww, Food, Funny, Gifs and EarthPorn (pretty nature pics). Read More
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Facebook will shut down FBX, its desktop ad exchange

facebook mobile Facebook plans to shut down FBX, the ad exchange that allows advertisers to buy retargeted desktop ads using third-party tools like Criteo and AppNexus. The news was first reported in The Wall Street Journal and we’ve confirmed it with Facebook. In an emailed statement, Vice President of Monetization Product Marketing Matt Idema suggested that this is part of Facebook’s shift to… Read More
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11 Natural Cures for Unsightly Facial Blemishes

11 Natural Approaches for Unsightly Facial Blemishes

Blemishes on the face can leave a person feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. In order to clear them up, many rush out to their pharmacy and purchase a variety of cleansers to combat these unsightly invaders. The problem is that these cleansers can be harsh on the skin, leaving it dry and uncomfortable.

The solution to this problem is to use natural remedies to reduce and eliminate blemishes, with items that are already in the house.

1. Aloe Vera

The gel contained in an Aloe Vera leaf is full of polysaccharides, which not only stimulates new skin cells to grow, but is also an effective healer for blemishes. Just break off a piece of the leaf, rub the gel onto the affected area, and then allow it to dry completely before rinsing it off.

2. Cucumber

Cucumbers have many benefits that can help a person improve their skin. This vegetable is an astringent that can help clear up any blemishes or scars. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Cucumbers also improve the texture of the skin. Plus, it is cool and soothing. To use cucumbers to eradicate blemishes, simply peel and blend it, then apply the juice to your skin with a cotton ball.

3. Calamine Lotion

What causes acne is a buildup of excess oil in the skin. Calamine lotion can help to reduce this by absorbing this oil and leaving the skin free of blemishes. Just rub it gently over your face, or any other area where blemishes appear, as often as necessary.

4. Grape Seed Extract

This is both a strong disinfectant and a potent antimicrobial agent, making it a double threat against blemishes. Apply a mixture of 4-40 drops of this extract and 4 ounces of water to the blemishes a few times a day for speedy healing.

5. Carrots

Mashed or juiced carrots applied to any facial blemishes can help clear them up. To cleanse the whole body as well as the skin, mix three parts of the carrot juice with two parts water and one part beet juice, then drink it. This can also help to stimulate liver functions.

6. Garlic

Garlic has numerous health benefits, so it is no wonder that it is so effective when dealing with blemishes. Simply rubbing raw garlic over acne can help heal it quickly, as well as relieving any pain the blemish may cause.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is effective in removing excess oil, killing bacteria, and reducing dark spots. Fresh lemon juice applied to the skin can help flush out the pores. Mixing it with honey and turmeric to make a paste can also be used daily for clearer skin.

8. Tomato Juice

A simple routine of massaging the skin with tomato pulp each day, waiting 10-15 minutes, and then rinsing the juice off with cool water can help a person to clear their skin of any blemishes. This is due the tomato’s astringent properties, as well as its high antioxidant and vitamin C content.

9. Potato

The starch in a potato is excellent for reducing pigmentation. Rubbing a raw potato, or applying potato juice, to any of these areas will lighten them and leave the skin looking beautiful. It can also help reduce any dark areas under a person’s eyes.

10. Papaya

To treat skin blemishes, as well as reducing pigmentation marks, mix a mashed papaya with warm milk and massage it over the face.

11. Orange Peels

Orange peels contain vitamin C and antioxidants, which leave the skin looking fabulous. The peels can also clear the skin of acne and scars. They can be minced and mixed in water to make a pack for the face. Orange peels can also be mixed with organic honey and plain yogurt to make a paste that can be used a few times a week until the skin is clear.

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Global Citizen’s CEO Thinks Music Is a Key Part of Wiping Out Extreme Poverty

Money can't buy a ticket to one of the hottest concerts of the year, and that's just how Hugh Evans likes it. The CEO of education and advocacy group Global Citizen wants people to mobilize to fight extreme poverty in the world, and when they do—via lobbying Congress, signing petitions, tweeting decision makers—they'll win a chance to see chart-topping acts for free in New York's Central Park. Global Citizens, as members are called, have taken millions of individual actions in this battle since 2012, starting what Evans calls a "sustainable movement, not a flash in the pan."

The Global Citizen Festival, timed to coincide with the UN General Assembly meeting in September, drew 60,000 people last year for Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Sting and other headliners. It's the flagship event in the nonprofit's effort to stamp out extreme poverty, defined as living on less than $ 1.50 a day, by 2030. (Artists for the fifth anniversary concert this fall will be announced July 12.) For the Clio Music Awards this year, Evans (whose high-wattage fans include Bono and Michelle Obama) will serve as a juror and will receive an Honorary Clio Music Award at the Clio ceremony Sept. 28 in New York. (Clio and Adweek share a parent company.)

Evans spoke to Adweek about soundtracks for social movements, brands as change agents and relentless positivism.

Adweek: What kind of work will you look for as a Clio Music juror?
Hugh Evans: I'll evaluate on the creativity of the idea and how it tries to tackle problems and connect with the audience. Things that are on the cutting edge of digital communication really excite me. I want to be challenged in my own thinking about what's excellent—I want to find those ideas that make me go, "Wow!"

Why do you think music and activism pair so well together?
Activism is from the heart, and it needs an anthem. And music has always been this amazing unifier. That's why Beyoncé and Eddie Vedder got together to sing "Redemption Song" (at last year's Central Park concert), and we're releasing it this Christmas to help drive people to take action to end extreme poverty. And that's why I'm so excited about our project called Metamorphoses, with Mumford & Sons, The National, Kanye West, Ellie Goulding and others, which will be the world's first truly crowdsourced album. (The collaborative 12-track collection will launch in the fall.)

Why do you choose not to go the Live Aid, Farm Aid traditional concerts-for-fundraising route?
Based on any conservative estimate, ending extreme poverty is a $ 256 billion a year challenge, if you tried to reduce it to purely monetary terms, which you can't. No black-tie gala dinners are going to end this problem by themselves. We take a structural approach and ask, "What are the systems that keep people poor?" And we get involved there, looking at things like unfair trade practices, lack of education, children's health issues. We believe that our voice is greater when it's amplified, and if tens of thousands of us call on heads of state and governments to invest in ending global poverty, it's enormously powerful. It's far greater than what we could raise if we ran a charity gala forever.

What's your reaction when people call you insanely optimistic?
I'm under no illusion that we don't have a long way to go—I've been a long distance runner all my life. I'm seeing all these incremental changes, and the optimism is justified because the world is getting better. Already in my lifetime, extreme poverty around the world has gone from 52 percent to 10 percent (according to the World Bank). There's the prospect of ending it all together, so it's not just a fanciful notion. And some of the greatest minds, like Bill and Melinda Gates, are applying themselves to this challenge.

What role can brands play in solving global problems?
They can have a direct impact on issues through their own philanthropy and put their core businesses to good use, such as a drug manufacturer subsidizing medicine that prevents disease in children. Or they can get behind the mission itself, using their reach and scale, their marketing and media to build a true movement. We work with brands like Gucci, Comcast, Citi, HP, Caterpillar, H&M, iHeartMedia to make as much noise as possible and achieve the broader vision.

This story first appeared in the May 23, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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Facebook denies bias in Trending Topics, but vows changes anyway

Facebook Shutterstock Facebook responded today to official queries regarding its Trending Topics feature, specifically allegations made over the last few weeks that the team responsible for it was deliberately suppressing conservative views and arbitrarily elevating stories with little oversight. It denied the accusations, but nevertheless announced changes it would make to the process. Read More
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Windows 10 came with Microsoft edge browser preloaded, but uses Bing as the default search engine. If you want to make Google the default search engine, you will have to do some settings changes in the Microsoft edge browser. Go to the three dots on the right side of the Microsoft edge browser, and choose […]

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The Europas — It’s time for a different type of tech conference

awards3 (1) Let’s face it. Some tech conferences have lost their way. While TechCrunch Disrupt remains a firmly curated, media-driven, event, with hundreds of journalists attending, a couple of other conferences have really gone for scale. A minimum of 15,000 people, thousands of companies, echoing halls — and a lot of investors (and journalists) turning their badges around so they don’t… Read More
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Heineken Launches Global Search to Find a Second Media Agency

Heineken is launching a search for a second agency to handle global media planning and buying at the world's third-largest brewer.

The Netherlands-based company has been working with Starcom Mediavest Group since 2012, when it consolidated work handled by 14 worldwide agency partners into one relationship with the Publicis Groupe media network. 

AAR Partners, London, is handling the current search process which is being led by Gregory Kukolj, Heineken's global head of media and digital. He did not disclose the marketer's global spending on the company's portfolio of brands, which include Amstel, Tecate, Dos Equis and Corona. 

When SMG won the business in 2012, prevailing over WPP's Mindshare, global spending was estimated at $ 335 million. In the U.S. alone last year, Heineken spent $ 153.2 million on measured media according to Kantar Media.

Kukolj, who joined Heineken right before SMG was selected four years ago, said he is looking for an agency with complementary skills and geographic reach to SMG. He said the post-consolidation experience has taught Heineken a lot about how to drive consistency in and storytelling and in pushing for greater media efficiencies at the company.

Kukolj said Heineken will continue to work with SMG in the 30 markets where it has an existing relationship with the agency. He denied any intent to bring in an agency to replace SMG, which handles Heineken's 15 largest markets, contributing 80 percent of the company's sales.

"We are not adding an element of competition.This is about future proofing our media partnership," he told Adweek. "This is a natural evolution after going from fragmentation to one agency. We are not creating fears within a network where we work well with a partner in 30 markets." 

Those fears are understandable, as SMG has had a tough time recently, with the agency hit by a loss of business from major clients like Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Walmart  and Mondelez.

The media review comes just a year after Heineken unexpectedly shifted creative duties on its flagship brand to Publicis Worldwide—SMG's Publicis Groupe corporate sibling—from Wieden + Kennedy. That move stunned the industry, as it occurred right before Heineken received 2015 Marketer of the Year creative recognition at the Cannes Lions, earned in part because of the W+K work.           


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